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Q: What is the meaning of the horned hand sign
A: Introduction Human civilization, since prehistoric ages, has evolved as a society with a great inclination toward occultism or esoteric knowledge of the world of spirits or supernatural forces. [ People who mastered the occult or the “hidden belief” inscribed the medium of communication among the inhabitants of esoteric world in the form of some unique symbols with hidden meanings. These are
the perceptible signs of invisible power of natural forces or satanic influences which are mainly used by the occultists to manipulate the natural laws to satisfy their own benefits. Among these symbols Horned Hand, which is quite similar to the Karana Mudra of Eastern religions, is depicted as a form of raised index and pinky fingers describing the devilish sign of a beast. Image 1: Horned Hand Photo by Subhabrata Das Origin and Interpretation Horned Hand is believed to be the depiction of the woolly Goat of Mendes or Baphomet, or the Horns of Cernunnos which has long been portrayed as a synonym of Satan or a demon. Raised index and pinky fingers symbolize the horns and tightly closed middle fingers and thumb represent the mouth of the goat. Image 2: Goat of Mendes Copyright free image from In Italian the Horned Hand is named as “Mano Cornuto.” This hand sign is often inscribed on charms to protect the user from evil eyes. As per contemporary Italian tradition if this hand gesture is pointed toward any man it suggests that the man is a cornuto or a cuckold. It is believed that the association of Horned Hand with the sign of infidelity has been originated from Minotaur, the legendary monster from Greek mythology who was the progeny of Crete queen Pasiphae’s adulterous relationship with a white bull. Types and Meaning There are two types of Horned Hand gestures. The first type is meant for right hand. In this gesture the thumb should be kept under the clenched middle and ring fingers. This hand sign signifies the horned god of witchcraft. Image 3: Right Hand Photo by Subhabrata Das The second type of gesture is meant for left hand. In this case the thumb should be kept over the middle and ring fingers. ]
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