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I need an answer of the different science process skills and their definition I need ten of them.
Observing – the use of the five senses to gather data about objects and events. [ Example: Describing a pencil as yellow. Communicating – the use of the spoken and written words, graphs, drawings and diagrams to share information and ideas with others. Example: Describing the change in height of a plant over time in writing or through a graph. Comparing – the use of observations to ascertain
similarities and differences in objects and events. Example: Placing drops of water onto different types of soil and comparing the absorption properties of the soils. Classifying – grouping objects or events according to similar properties Example: Placing all rocks having certain grain size or hardness into one group. Measuring – the use of standard or nonstandard units to determine length, mass, volume, time, etc. Example: Using a tool to measure the length of a table using non-standard, standard or metric units. Predicting – the use of data to forecast future events based on observations and inferences Example: Predicting the height of a plant in two weeks time based on a graph of its growth during the previous four weeks. Inferring – the use of logical thought process to show a relationship between observations or provide an explanation of an observation Example: Saying that the person who used a pencil made a lot of mistakes because the eraser was well worn. Defining Operationally – a definition framed in terms of your experiences. Example: Stating that “bean growth” will be measured in centimeters per week defines how much the bean grows using the students’ experience. Formulating Models – developing a conceptual or physical representation of an object or event. Examples: The students create an anatomically correct paper model of an insect. Investigating Formulating Hypotheses – making an educated guess about the relationship of manipulated and responding variable that can be tested experimentally. Example: The greater the amount of organic matter added to the soil, the greater the bean growth. ]
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Asked 6/13/2010 8:20:40 PM
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