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ano ang pagkakaiba ng edukasyon noon at ngayon
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User: ano ang pagkakaiba ng edukasyon noon at ngayon

Weegy: Ask in English please
shifa saleheen|Points 5109|

User: what is the difference between the education of yesterday and today?

Weegy: The regions of today differ from the regions of yesterday in many respects. One difference is that trade and industry, which used to be local and national, has now shifted to being mostly local and international. [ In many European regions, international industry is still owned mostly by industrialists in other European countries; however, with ongoing globalisation that situation might soon change. The national presence of research and development departments owned by international firms is extremely important: it prevents developed countries becoming merely suppliers of raw material, as well as having to educate the workforce that is needed for the nationally localised plants. Another important difference between the regions of yesterday and today is that higher education institutions have been established in almost every region. This is a consequence of the massification of higher education, which should provide Europe with the extremely well-educated population that will help it compete with the rest of the world. It is also meant to alleviate Europe’s demographic problem, i.e. its decreasing population. ]
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Asked 7/25/2011 6:59:51 PM
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