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significance of social studies in secondary school curriculam
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Asked 8/11/2010 1:23:49 AM
Updated 8/11/2010 2:02:02 AM
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First, secondary level is high school, perhaps middle school thrown in where districts are small. Elementary students get some social studies, but not enough in my opinion.

Now, both other people who have answered to this point have valid comments, kudos to both. I would add that secondary students need to realize that their small little turf that they occupy is a speck on the back of a duck when compared to the rest of the world and what is going on in the world today. Years gone by, perhaps not so important, so long as you got your three meals a day and all is good. But, today, knowing the effects of economy, where your oil, beef, bananas, coffee, etc. is coming from is critical in understanding other cultures and which direction our leaders should be focusing on getting the world's population well and working harmoniously in the decades to come.
Added 8/11/2010 2:02:02 AM
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