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Q: explain the different approaches to work with children in the early years has influenced current provision in the uk
A: Generalised aims such as promoting the individual's development and 'fulfilling potential' abound in writing about early years and in the declared aims of national early years education programmes. [ However, in their review of a number of texts on childhood and early education Mitchell and Wild (2004) argue that there is a 'compelling case' that the ways in which children, childhood and
learning are thought about influence the kind of provision that a society makes for its youngest members. For example, Lin-Yan and Feng-Xiaoxia (2005) describe the 'revolution' in ideas (rather than imposed curricular reform) that has occurred over two decades in China and is now influencing practice and discourse about early education there. Bertram and Pascal (2002) point to the tension present in early years provision in Hong Kong between western developmental and constructivist models of curriculum and pedagogy and traditional thinking that sees children as passive recipients and teachers as 'transmitters'. Looking at Korean early educational practice with its emphasis on whole-class teaching and the authority of the teacher Kwon (2003) argues that the Confucian tradition is evident, despite the more recent influence of western thinking. Kwon contrasts this with practice in England, arguing that the focus there on independence and autonomy in early learning reflects the English liberal tradition valuing individual rights. In Europe and North America there is potential for tension between the romantic perspective on childhood (seeing it as a time of innocence that should be protected) and the view that children are competent individuals able to make sense of and benefit from exposure to the world. This tension is perhaps most acutely seen in the debate over the appropriateness of the use of information and communication technologies (and computers in particular) in the playroom (Stephen & Plowman, 2003; Alliance for Childhood, 2004). Support for imaginative play and the use of resources specially designed for use by children is widely, although not universally, shared but some societies favour learning by engaging with real-world tasks and equipment. ]
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Asked 6/11/2011 12:12:02 PM
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