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describe the potential effects of discrimination
Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that might not be based on any real facts or personal experience, but can be formed from conclusions based on a faulty foundation. [ For example, growing up in a prejudiced environment and hearing expressions like: "you can?t trust those people," or "you know how they are" etc? Discrimination, on the other hand, is the act of recognizing, seeing, and
distinguishing differences and choosing to show prejudice and bias. Discrimination can also be based on simple hatred of a race, gender or a certain group, either because of personal experience or simple stereotyping. Discrimination can be in the form of repeated mistreatment, verbal abuse, threats, humiliation, or intimidating behavior or conduct. Ethnic prejudice, for example, is hostility or hatred based on flawed and rigid generalization of a certain ethnicity; discrimination is the act of denying individuals or groups the equal treatment that they deserve and may desire. Discrimination can make a working place a living hell. It festers in a culture of silence, intimidation, and fear. The perpetrators depend on targets keeping quiet about the abusive behavior. Furthermore, active discrimination includes a range of behaviors ranging from avoidance, to hatred, to physical attack and extermination or even genocide. Though both prejudice and discrimination are carried out on various levels by individuals or groups, discrimination is considered to be more damaging. Discrimination can be felt or perceived in different scenarios such as being followed by a store security guard, getting poor service in a restaurant or being accused of doing something wrong at school or at the workplace. The most common forms of discrimination are racial remarks, slurs, being called insulting names and being the butt of hurtful jokes. ]
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The answer to your question , The potential effects of discrimination can be different for different people. The effects can be physical, emotional or a combination of both. For example children with disabilities may not be given a chance to join in with activities due to others thinking that their disability prevents them from being able to do so. This will make the child feel very different from others. I have listed other possible effects below:
* Feeling isolated
* Low self esteem
* Depression
* Fear of rejection
* Stress
* Low self worth
* Feeling withdrawn from society
* Humiliation
* Weight loss/ gain
* Fear
* Anger
Long term effects may be:
* Loss of motivation
* Restricted opportunities
* Limited access to services
* Long term depression
* Increased behaviour problems
* Difficulty communicating
* Lack of education
* Lack of achievement
The effects listed above are not only ones that affect the individual child/young person; they are effects that can be experienced by the individuals family and friends too. The individuals family can become isolated from society through trying to protect their child and will often experience verbal abuse for having a family member that is perceived to be different. Family members can sometimes feel embarrassed about the shame the victimised individual brings to them and may distance themselves from the individual.
Those who discriminate others often do so because they have been discriminated against themselves, are unhappy or because they have watched people close to them discriminate against others and are copying and responding to their actions. People that discriminate against others sometimes end up being isolated as many members of society disagree with it and make a stand against those who victimize others.

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