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Q: state the period of the year during which most tourists visits st lucia and give reasons for your answer
A: The crowds in St. Lucia will be heaviest during the high season. Frigid weather and public holidays in Canada, Europe, and the northern parts of the United States will drive many vacationers to the tropical climates of the Caribbean. [ During this time, hotels, restaurants, and attractions will be heavily booked and more expensive than during the off season. Those wishing to make hotel
reservations will need to do so several months in advance in order to ensure finding a place to stay. At restaurants, dinner reservations are essential during these busy winter months. Despite the crowds and prices, the mid-December to mid-April season remains the most popular season to visit. Atlantic hurricane season ends in November which coincides coincides with the beginning of the high season. The island experiences the least amount of rainfall during this time and weather remains warm without being stifling. Restaurants, vendors, and recreation services will all be functioning at their maximum and hotels will generally use this season to schedule most of their events and attractions. Those looking to socialize during their visit will also find the nightlife to be lively and bustling. Off-Season The hurricane season, along with increased rain and temperatures, marks what is generally considered to be the off-season in St. Lucia. June through November are the wettest months and the temperature will tend to rise a few degrees making the heat more of an issue for vacationers. During this period, many restaurants will close for weeks at a time or shorten their dining hours. Hotels, meanwhile, will use these slower months for needed renovation or construction. If you are considering traveling to St. Lucia during this period, place calls to hotels and recreation services to check availability and the status of any renovation at the hotel. If heavy construction is taking place, noise and debris may mar your stay. The off season, however, remains a compelling period to visit St. Lucia for those looking to avoid higher prices and crowded beaches. Prices on airline tickets and hotels will drop as much as 50 percent after mid-April and will remain low for the summer and hurricane season. ]
Asked 5/4/2011 2:04:28 PM
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