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Explain the ethical risks and consequences associated with global business.
Global Business and Ethics Organizations doing business in foreign countries, especially in developing countries find understanding and complying with international laws, managing employees from global headquarters, serving customers, [ and relating to suppliers and partners in multinational and translational businesses can bring many challenges to developing shared ethics in business and
values. There many different ethical policies to follow. Those ethical business policies of hosting country, as compare to those policies of United States of America visiting company. “Having a defined set of companywide global business ethics is a key part of realizing a truly global culture.” ]
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The ethical risks and consequences associated with global business is that the allure of making profits globally often masks the risks and consequences associated with it. In many foreign business markets “bribery, payoffs, expensive gifts are parts of the costs to do business.
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How does leadership affect the ethical environment within an organization? What role do you think the personal morals of a CEO plays in the handling of an organization’s ethical problems?
Weegy: Once in my back days i had fight with my friend who was from bihar , that which is best bihar or u.p and the conclusion was nothing but a mind war started between us , [ some conflict raised that were emerging slowly. leadership shows the handling power of leader to its correspondents , ethnicity in organisation may vary according to the place , country , or even religion but it is very important for the leader to be neutral in all issues , think of the case if two cases emerges for promotion one of your village and one of your religion , which one should be promoted here emerges the great conflict but one should be promoted according to the performance given by the one. CEO as executor plays very vital role , his/her morale in handling the work progress , workers behavior relations and progress factors r important thatswhy organisations provides extra bonus to those who takes behavorial and moral studies from some private organizations. ] (More)
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h^2 + 4 = 6h
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Describe at least three ethical issues resulting from globalization.
Weegy: One world government. [ No where to flee to anymore One world central bank so all central banks can inflate together and confiscate savings worldwide Regulations protecting the business elite at the expense of the consumer telling us what we can and cannot buy. ] (More)
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Asked 11/15/2011 7:53:59 PM
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Describe at least three ethical issues resulting from globalization.
Weegy: •Employment • Natural Resources • Health Employment is one of the main issues that impact the globalization. [ The ethical issues pertaining to employment have reached a high, due to the lack of demand and loss of positions within the first world countries, because a lot of businesses and corporations are referring to outsource because it is much cheaper in the third world countries. Natural Resources are also being impacted due to the massive amounts of fuel and cattle grazing pastures, the rainforests will have a huge effect on oxygen levels produced for the entire planet. Health is another major globalized issue due to the amounts of infectious disease that has been spreading across America. This is a globalized ethical issue because the faster the spread the higher the toll. ] (More)
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