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Q: On Minecraft how much obsidian does it take to make a nether portal?
A: You need 12 Obsidian blocks to ake a nether portal.
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Original conversation
User: On Minecraft how much obsidian does it take to make a nether portal?

Weegy: You need 12 Obsidian blocks to ake a nether portal.

User: No u need 14 obsidian blocks to make a nether portal

Weegy: Yes, but 12 Obsidian blocks is enough to make a nether portal.
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 641|

User: True, but if u wanted to make a full nether portal with all its corner blocks u need 14, or if u wanted to make a cornerless nether portal it takes only 10!

Weegy: Yes you're correct. [smile] Minecraft is really good game.
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 641|

User: Do u play minecraft

Weegy: Yes! i play Minecraft. [smile] I really enjoy playing it.
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 642|

User: Me 2 How many dungeons have u found while playing?

Weegy: I've found 2 dungeons. [smile] i'm not that good in playing minecraft. [smile]
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 642|

User: o what kinds creeper, zombie, skeleton, spider?

Weegy: It's burning spider. [smile]
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 642|

User: Both spider? whens the last time u played minecraft?

Weegy: Burning spider and Giant Zombie. I believe last Wednesday is the last time i played Minecraft.
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 642|

User: Giant zombie? those havent been around since like indev have u updated your minecraft recently?

Weegy: Nope, i haven't update my Minecraft because i reformat my PC.
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 642|

User: woa what version do u play?

Weegy: I believe it is version 1.7.2
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 642|

User: well thats pretty updated i play the most recent version 1.7.3 :). do u platy on multiplayer alot?

Weegy: Oh so you have the latest update of Minecraft. Well i don't play multiplayer, just single game [smile]
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 642|

User: Yes, i know just about everything there is to know about minecraft. especially all the crafting recipies. can u play on the paid version?

Weegy: Nope i can't afford to have a paid version.
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 645|

User: so u play on the hacked one without the password entry?

Weegy: Yes! [smile]
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 645|

User: Nice, i play on the paid version. you probebly shouldnt buy the paid version since the only difference is multiplayer abilities. but theres just too many greifers out there lol.

Weegy: Yeah your correct. But you know playing multiplayer games is much enjoyable. [smile] If only i could afford to have a paid version, i would buy have that.
Expert answered|andrewpallarca|Points 646|

Asked 8/3/2011 7:07:36 AM
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