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3.Which of the following is considered evidence of past life? A. bed B. fossil C. event D. stratum 4.Which of the following is a division of a stratum and can be made of multiple
layers? A. bed B. fossil C. event D. correlation 5.For which of the following can a relative age be determined? Select all that apply. A. fossil B. rock layer C. volcanic eruption D. folded rock layers E. faulted rock layers 6.A duration or period in which something happens is known as _____. A. time B. relative age C. geologic time D. absolute time 7.An unconformity can be described as which of the following? Select all that apply. A. a gap of time between rocks or layers B. rock layers that do not contain any fossils C. an intrusion that cuts through a rock or rock layers D. an erosional surface separating younger strata from older rocks 9.Which type of unconformity exists between two horizontal rock layers if the older rock is much older than the younger rock? A. disconformity B. nonconformity C. angular unconformity 10.Which law or principle says that an igneous or metamorphic rock that intrudes another rock must be younger than the rock it intrudes? A. law of superposition B. principle of uniformity C. law of original horizontality D. law of cross-cutting relationships
A fossil is considered evidence of past life. I don't appreciate sending too many questions at the same time. Please restate the questions in an orderly fashion. Thank you!
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