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Q: what are two reliable resources for individuals suffering from cancer?
A: Information is a critical component of shared decision making for any patient with a diagnosis of cancer and any individual known to be at high risk of developing cancer. [ The challenge facing patients, families and individuals at risk is finding readily available, authoritative and current information from a trustworthy source. The World Wide Web, a worldwide network of computers on the
Internet, now provides a readily accessible, inexpensive and popular source of almost any type of information imaginable. The National Cancer Institute (NCI), the major source of federal funding for cancer research, has developed a computerized information system called PDQ (Physician Data Query) to make the most current information on the treatment of cancer, cancer screening and prevention and approaches to the management of disease and treatment-related complications more widely known. Information in the PDQ system is based on careful and ongoing reviews of the medical literature by cancer experts. PDQ also contains up-to-date information on clinical trials that are being conducted to evaluate new approaches to cancer treatment in patients with cancer and new approaches to cancer screening, and prevention in those at risk of developing cancer; a directory of physicians who care for cancer patients and individuals with significant risk factors, and a directory of facilities that have accredited cancer screening and/or cancer care programs. NCI staff also developed, maintain and update CancerNet, a World Wide Web site that features information from PDQ and CANCERLIT, a bibliographic database of published cancer literature, educational resources produced by other NCI divisions and offices, a glossary of medical terms and links to complementary web sites with supplemental cancer information. ]
Asked 9/21/2011 4:54:33 AM
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