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a scientist from trinidad and what was their contribution to science
Professor Julian Kenny is a zoologist who has made his mark documenting the natural history of the Caribbean. [ His research has uncovered details on the distribution of freshwater fish species in Trinidad and Tobago and provided information on the species of anurans to be found in these islands. He also spearheaded research at the University of the West Indies (UWI), which highlighted
information on the ecological dynamics of some of the country’s natural areas, including its savannas, wetlands, cave systems, marine systems and coral reefs. His work has contributed to the protection of sensitive ecosystems, the management of fisheries and the development of a National Trust. Professor Duncan played a vital role in educating students and training researchers in the fields of botany and plant tissue culture. To date, he has supervised 2 Ph.D. students and 9 M.Phil. students who have conducted research in this field. These research areas included development of protocols for the rapid propagation of plants of economic importance such as yam bean, carambola, breadfruit, aloes and ornamentals such as Mussaenda sp., Heliconia sp., orchids and Aechmea dichlamydea var trinitensis (a Trinidadian bromeliad), and improvement in bananas for resistance to Panama disease. ]
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