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Explain how purpose, audience, tone and content impact academic writing?
Any essay paper must have a purpose. Defining a goal in an essay writing task lays out the foundation on what the writer wants to accomplish. This way, the student can think of the various steps he or she must take to make writing process manageable. [ [ A helpful tip is for the student to ask the purpose of the essay. Is the goal of the essay to convince others, to teach a concept or to pay
homage to one?s achievements? 2- Analyze Possible Topics/Brainstorm After defining one?s goals, the writer must sit down and consider possible topics that he or she wants to explore. A student may think of an idea, thing, place or a person for his or her topic. 3- Make an Outline An outline gives a student a rough draft on how to proceed with the entire essay writing process. It is also helpful to consult the class adviser. This way, the writer gains valuable inputs on how to improve the final essay paper. Having a full understanding of these three initial steps can help students save precious time before starting the formal phase of essay writing. --------------------------------------? Subject If you have chosen your own topic, it is likely that you have some interest in the subject of your essay. Think through why it does/doesn?t interest you. Do you think it?s unimportant? What is a related topic or issue that is more important? Could you incorporate the topic you see as more important into a discussion of the original assigned topic? It may be that your topic is engaging and interesting. Still, do some thinking, and take notes. Grab a sheet of paper, and write down your initial and subsequent thoughts on your topic. No thought is too small or too large to consider at this stage although you will generate many thoughts that may never make it into your paper. Just keep thinking and recording until you determine the angle from which you want to approach your topic. Once you have determined the approach you will take and the basic statement you want to make about it, you can begin narrowing the information you will present about the subject. ] ]
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The purpose affects academic writing, because it tells the audience what you are writing about your subject. The tone is determined by how you express what you are saying and it must be inviting while maintaining an appropriate style. The content should support ideas that are logical and should include the introduction, thesis statement, supporting paragraphs and also conclusions. For more on this, check out
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