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What are the differences between anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, and mood disorders?
Weegy: An anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that is manifested by abnormal fear or anxiety in response to various stimuli. An example is generalized anxiety disorder which is persistent fear or worry about everyday matters. [ Other examples are panic disorder, social anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. A somatoform disorder is also a mental disorder but it is characterized by physical symptoms. These physical problems cannot be explained through medical tests. Individuals who suffer from somatoform disorders often have excessive fear and anxiety about their health since it cannot be explained by medical doctors. One example is hypochondriasis which is when the person in convinced something is wrong with their health, ranging from minor to extreme matters. Another example is conversion disorder, which is when an individual suffers from something extreme such as blindness or paralysis, without a physiological explanation. A mood disorder is another mental disorder, characterized by a disturbance in the individual's mood. Examples include major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. Both of these disorders cause extreme changes in mood (extreme depression for the former and ranges of depression and mania in the latter). ] User: What are some coping strategies for phobias? Weegy: Ways that phobia sufferers can work toward overcoming their fears include talking about their fears, refraining from avoiding situations they find stressful, imagining themselves facing their fears (visualization), [ and making positive self-statements like, "I will be OK." In fact, when self-help approaches are combined with brief psychotherapy, people with phobias may achieve significant improvement in symptoms. ] (More)
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