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About: I worked for 14 years in accounting and financial services. I spend a lot of time on the computer and am very good at researching all topics.
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About: I am a voracious reader. I never stop searching for accurate answers until the search engines gave up on me =)
Qualifications: .....
Degrees and certifications: BS Computer Science
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About: A reliable and credible internet researcher!
Qualifications: Fast online researcher
Degrees and certifications: Information and Communication Technology
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About: Here to help!
Qualifications: ....
Degrees and certifications: .....
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About: I am an aspiring writer, I have worked as a Clinical Psychologist to different firms. I also worked as a Nurse practitioner to some hospitals.
Qualifications: Knowledgeable in MS Application,Fast learner,Researcher
Degrees and certifications: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Bachelor of Science in Psychology
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About: I am an economist working at two firms .One is CFR and the other one is Farm's (the owner is one of my friends).
Qualifications: good researcher
Degrees and certifications: I have a train engineering diploma.
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About: I'm an eggheaded internet researcher, adept at finding online information on such diverse topics.
Level 33|Points 33518 [1319]|Followers 31|Following 0|Joined 10/1/2013|Online
About: i work as a sales excutive in a foreign invested company, i am skilled in computer operation, interpretation, i like answering all kinds of questions, hopefully i can help those who need help.
Qualifications: I have Master degree, skilled in computer, maths, language learning and some other things. I will try to help you and make you satisfied.
Level 31|Points 31820 [411]|Followers 41|Following 7|Joined 6/16/2011|Offline
About: Mr.G here able to answer all your questions.
Degrees and certifications: H.S. Diploma
Level 21|Points 21567 [919]|Followers 27|Following 0|Joined 7/7/2012|Offline
About: I love communicating and would do my best to answer any questions that you may have. I am interested in many things, movies, books, music, philosophy, general knowledge, history and just about anything :)
Qualifications: I am well read and very good at researching. I can type 55-60wpm with an accuracy of 95%
Degrees and certifications: BA in Mass Communications Minor in Broadcasting Major in Journalism
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About: I really like to listen music, in fact I have musical background, also familiar in the world of animals and healthy foods, have spend long time searching for online money making opportunities, love the nature and all that is good in life,
Qualifications: I have qualification as diet counselor, have musical background, also familiar in the world of animals and healthy foods, as well online money making opportunities, but I try to give advice in all fields if I feel that I'm able to do that
Level 20|Points 20376 [365]|Followers 23|Following 22|Joined 12/9/2010|Offline
About: I am a father of two beautiful daughters.
Level 19|Points 19512 [1321]|Followers 38|Following 12|Joined 5/14/2013|Online
About: I work as a consulting Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist and can answer questions on the medical sciences, health, herbalism and nutrition from an independent point of view. I also have interests in English literature, English language, folklore and folk music. I play the piano and the melodeon.
Qualifications: Diploma for Bilingual Secretaries in French and German Member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists
Degrees and certifications: BA in French and German MA in English Language, Local History and Cultural Tradition Masters in Medical Science (Nutrition)
Level 17|Points 17136 [382]|Followers 70|Following 0|Joined 3/8/2013|Offline
Qualifications: WAHM (work at home mom of 3) who previously worked in health care for 9 years. I am now going back to school for my Associates RN. I love English, History, odd facts and just helping people. I am very fast and accurate with finding information
Degrees and certifications: EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) working on Nursing
Level 15|Points 15936 [0]|Followers 8|Following 0|Joined 12/4/2008|Offline
Name: jane zeshun
Title: sales
School: Northeast finance and economics colleage
Location: Jining, Shandong China
About: like listening,reading and dancing. I am a sales now . I spend a lot of time on the computer. And my first major is tje information management and technology of computer . Hope I can help you.
Qualifications: I got master's degree. Graduated from the northeast university of finance and economics , accounting major. First, I graduated from shanxi university of finance and economics. computer information management and technology.
Level 14|Points 14122 [1563]|Followers 10|Following 0|Joined 6/29/2014|Offline
About: I am a stay at home mom who is online constantly. I am level headed and obviously I've given great advice so far and I plan on continuing the practice:)
Qualifications: I can type 65gwpm and am always online in forums and watching current events and so forth
Degrees and certifications: I have went to school on and off, studying psychology and accounting.
Level 13|Points 13132 [0]|Followers 10|Following 0|Joined 8/25/2008|Offline
About: I love cooking.
Level 11|Points 11290 [1228]|Followers 0|Following 0|Joined 12/1/2014|Offline
About: I am a Stay At Home Mom who gave up a very success Information Technology / Teaching career to be a Mom. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Friends and family often come to me for advice on many subjects. Nothing makes me happier than helping others.
Qualifications: I have plenty of Teaching experience, 13 years Corporate experience where I was involved in Finance (domestic and international), Information Technology, and Training. I am a Wife and a Mother, have plenty of experience with parenting and kids, marriage, and running a household on a budget. I spend a good deal of time on the internet, enjoy keeping up on current events, and type 80 WPM.
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About: - Currently studying at UP Open University, Bachelor of Education Studies, Major in Instructional Design and Technology. - Diploma of Computer Studies (STI College) holder.
Degrees and certifications: BES student, BS COMP SCIENCE, DIPLOMA COMP STUDIES
Level 9|Points 9527 [526]|Followers 27|Following 24|Joined 11/16/2012|Online
About: I am keen on helping others, and providing answer to questions. I will do my best to answer all questions.
Qualifications: I have worked as a researcher, and as a writer.
Degrees and certifications: I have completed two courses in speech and language acquisition.
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the perimeter of a rectangle is twice the sum of its legnth and its ...
Weegy: The length is 16m and the width is 7m.
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_____ communicate with the body to ensure homeostasis. Feedback ...
Weegy: Plasma membrane communicate with the body to ensure homeostasis.
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Evaluate -5x 2 - 3x for x = -2. A. 14 B. -14 C. -26
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