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Q: describe how culture ,religion and health conditions impact on food choices
A: Answer: Research shows a very close link between cultural backgrounds and food choices. Food passes great importance in expressing the cultural values of certain groups of people or communities. [ Most of the discussions of food choices either organic, local or vegetarian as well food related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and various eating disorders give evidence of the complex
relationship between food, physiological factors and social values. Cultural influences lead to the difference the habitual consumption of certain foods. These habits tend to be fully formed in an individual; however, some of them can be narrowed down to the eating habits of the ancestors that have being adapted from generation to generation. In some African communities, women are forbidden to eat some food type such as chicken. Nevertheless these cultural influences are amenable to change. Such that when moving to a new country, individuals often adapt particular food habits of the local culture. Religion on the other hand prohibits eating of some foods either completely or partially and also regulates how certain foods are prepared. For example; Muslims are prohibited from eating pork or pig products as it is considered unclean. Other religions prohibit eating of any meat so that they do not kill or shed blood of any animal. Such religious regulations have serious consequences on the nutritional elements and the health of the followers. There also religious observations like fasting where one goes without solid food or any fluid intake. Distinct religions have different ideology about diet. For instance many Buddhists are vegetarians, though some include fish in their diet, Hindus do not consume any food they believe might slow down spiritual or physical growth such as pork but they do not prohibit meat. Cultural beliefs can also affect the way this food is cooked. For instance, the Rastafarianism members are permitted to eat any food that is i-tal food that is food that is cooked only slightly. ]
Asked 6/25/2013 5:55:34 AM
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