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Q: What are the roles ethics committees and institutional compliance offices play in administrative ethical issues?
A: The underlying goals of ethics committees are: * to promote the rights of patients; * to promote shared decision making between patients (or their surrogates if decisionally incapacitated) and their clinicians; * to promote fair policies and [ procedures that maximize the likelihood of achieving good, patient-centered outcomes; and * to enhance the ethical tenor of health care professionals and
health care institutions. Ethics committees or select members often help resolve ethical conflicts and answer ethical questions through the provision of consultation The ICC shall: * ensure that an annual risk assessment is conducted and that appropriate processes are implemented to control or manage the identified risks * ensure that the compliance program is designed to prevent and/or detect violations of the law, UT System policies, or UTMB policies * ensure communication of the compliance program to all employees, students, and contractors * review and approve the UTMB Institutional Compliance Plan and revisions to the Plan * review and approve policies to guide the Office of Institutional Compliance * review and approve institutional compliance policies to be submitted for inclusion in the Institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures * provide guidance to investigations being conducted by the ICO unless such guidance would potentially compromise an investigation. ]
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Asked 8/20/2013 2:22:07 PM
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