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Q: Which three types of cells are part of ground tissue, storing food, conducting photosynthesis, and providing support? cortex pith parenchyma collenchyma sclerenchyma xylem phloem Question
#3MultipleChoice Score: _____ cause fruits to grow bigger and flowers to bloom earlier. CytokininAbscisic acid (ABA)EthyleneGibberellin Question #4MultipleChoice Score: Which of the following statements is false? Sunlight is the energy source for plant photosynthesis.Chlorophyll is contained in organelles called chloroplasts.A by-product of photosynthesis is carbon dioxide.Roots have tiny root hairs that maximize the plant's ability to absorb water. Question #5MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Plants don't necessarily need _____ to conduct photosynthesis. sunlightchlorophyllnitrogencarbon dioxidenutrientswater Question #6MultipleChoice Score: Meristem cells _____ into xylem, phloem, and other specialized tissues. photosynthesizeelongatedifferentiategerminate Question #7TextMultipleChoice Score: The huge redwood trees in Oregon continue to grow tall by conducting secondaryprimary growth. Question #8MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Plants are used in a variety of industries, such as _____. pharmaceuticalsclothing retailcar productionpaper productionrestaurants Question #9TrueFalse Score: If plants were utilized to their fullest potential, they could resolve world hunger. TrueFalse Question #10MultipleChoice Score: Leaves _____. can be used for sexual reproductionabsorb water and minerals from soilare the main location for photosynthesiscontain the reproductive organs of flowers Question #11Matching Score: Match the following terms and examples. 1. bulbs These are fleshy, enlarged stems like the potato. 2. corms Strawberry plants and Bermuda grass have these stems that produce other stems and leaves on top, and roots on bottom. 3. rhizomes Onions and garlic reproduce using these. 4. stolons Gladiolus and freesia plants have these special stems that are short and fleshy with a bud for growth of new stems and leaves, and an area on the bottom for root growth. 5. tubers Banana trees and bamboo have these horizontal stems that can divide and grow in several directions at once. Question #12MultipleChoice Score: Gametophytes have gamete-producing organs called _____. gametangiaarchgoniaantheridiagonads Question #13Matching Score: Number the following events of plant evolution in sequential order: 1. 1 Life is able to produce its own food. 2. 2 Gymnosperms and angiosperms appear. 3. 3 Eukaryotes appear. 4. 4 Multicellular organisms appear. 5. 5 Bryophytes appear. 6. 6 Bacteria can conduct photosynthesis, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. 7. 7 Seedless, vascular plants appear. Question #14MultipleChoice Score: Like animals, plants must maintain an internal balance, or _____. sugarchemical transmittershomeostasistropisms Question #15MultipleChoice Score: When pollen moves from the _____ to the _____, fertilization can occur. pistil; stamenanther; stigmastyle; stamen Question #16MultipleChoice Score: _____ controls geotropism and phototropism. AuxinGibberellinCytokininAbscisic acid (ABA) Question #17MultipleChoice Score: The _____ is commonly called bark. epidermisperidermcuticlevascular cambium Question #18MultipleChoice Score: When reproducing a plant by _____, you can use the stem, root, or leaf. layeringcuttinggrafting Question #19MultipleChoice Score: If you see a diseased plant, it is most likely in the _____ stage of its life cycle. adultdeathgrowthbeginning Question #20TrueFalse Score: Actual germination of a seed occurs when the moisture content is at least 9%. TrueFalse Question #21MultipleChoice Score: Spinach and cabbage are _____. the leaves of plantsthe fruit of plantsthe buds of immature flowers Question #22MultipleChoice Score: The vascular cambium _____. is part of a plant's secondary growthproduces secondary phloem and xylem tissueincreases in ring size each yearall of the above Question #23MultipleChoice Score: _____ is a cross-bred plant of wheat and rye. CornSugarTriticaleTeosinte Question #24MultipleChoice Score: Owners of nurseries most likely conduct _____ to grow many of their plants and fruit trees. vegetative propagationvegetative reproductionpropagation reproduction Question #25MultipleSelect Score: Select all that apply. Cell structures that plant and animal cells don't share are _____. a cell wallperoxisomesa large central vacuolelysosomesvesicleschloroplastsribosomesGolgi complexcytoskeleton Question #26MultipleChoice Score: The endosymbiotic theory _____. suggests that all cells depend on one anothersuggests that a prokaryote ate another prokaryote to produce eukaryoteswas supported by Carl Woesewas supported by similarities between prokaryote and eukaryote nuclei Question #27MultipleChoice Score: The Bartlett pear is a fruit reproduced primarily by _____. layeringcuttinggrafting Question #28TextMultipleChoice Score: The idea that sporophyte and gametophyte generations follow one another in a plant's life cycle is called alternation of generationsgamete and sporehaploid and diploid. Question #29TextMultipleChoice Score: A negative tropism is when a plant grows away fromtoward a stimulus. Question #30Matching Score: Match the following parts of a flower with their descriptions. 1. pistil divided into three parts: stigma, ovary, and style 2. stamen connects the stem to the flower 3. sepal green, leaf-like covers at the bottom of the flower 4. receptacle the most colorful parts of the flower 5. petals the male part of the flower
A: Please ask your questions one by one.
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