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One hour before your shift ends your manager tells you to complete some additional work. This work will take you 2 hours to complete if you follow the safety procedures. Some of the safety procedures
are probably not needed to complete this task. What would you do
Speak to your manager and advise that you won't be able to complete the work in the 1 hour as due to the safety procedures, it'll take around 2 hours. [ Then finish with a "what would you like me to do?" You have not refused to do anything at this point, but now the decision is with your boss and not yourself. If your manager tells you to ignore safety rules, then he is opening himself up to
being liable should anything happen to your by following his course of action. If you just decide to "skip" some safety items and then get hurt, your manager will just say "he should know to follow safety procedures, he's been trained" By raising the question, you provide additional information you your boss, allowing him to either get someone to help you, extend your working hours (ie pay you overtime) or simply to not bother with the task till th next day. Key thing is speak to your boss! Make him make the decision and not you. ]
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Asked 7/14/2013 12:55:00 PM
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