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In The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, the narrator provides many details about the other pilgrims going to Canterbury, but he says little about himself. The reader is left to infer the narrator
s character from what most impresses the narrator as worthy of reporting, what the narrator accepts as true that is, how discerning he is and from what little he says directly to the reader about himself and his manner of storytelling. Write an essay in which you explain the nature of the narrator s personality, supporting your ideas with evidence from the text.
Write an essay in which you explain the nature of the narrator s personality, supporting your ideas with evidence from the text. - - Chaucer's narrator has a naive, simpleminded personality. [ To illustrate this, students might point to the fact that he seems to be impressed by people's titles, clothes, and other possessions and tends to take what they say about themselves as being true. They
might further support this impression with the narrator's direct statement about himself, made in an apology in line 766, "I'm short of wit as you will understand." ]
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Asked 11/6/2013 8:48:13 PM
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