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Do eligible Medicaid candidates sometimes remain un-enrolled even though they are needy as a result of the Welfare Reform Act?
Medicaid candidates who are eligible remain sometimes un- enrolled even though they are needy as a result of the welfare reform act because the welfare reform made it more difficult for individuals who are not legal citizens of the United States [ [ making it hard to receive benefits needed for the individuals and their family. Depending on the financial situation and the household size, some
family would meet the eligibility requirement for Medicaid but cannot apply until they become citizens of the United States. I would have to say Welfare Reform Act effective in reducing welfare fraud and increasing personal responsibility by individual enrolled in such government program has the responsibility to inform the government or state agency of any household changes such as household size or a reduction or increase in income. These household changes must be reported to the agency as soon as they occur. By having this requirement it increases the amount of responsibility for the program. I would say the Welfare Reform Act did a great job in achieving its goals due to the fact that more families are able to provide financial stability on their own with I would say little or no assistance from the government. The goals of Welfare Reform are to reduce dependence, to reduce child poverty and to reduce illegitimacy and strengthen marriage. The reform has been effecting in meeting each of these goals. The welfare reforms have substantially reduced the welfare caseload it also increased the employment and earnings of welfare recipients but usually by only moderate amounts. The reforms can raise income and also reduce poverty. The central economic trade off is between reducing welfare use and raising income. Basically the price for raising income is higher welfare use. I would say the welfare reforms can have both positive and negative effects on children; the most positive would have to be associated with financial work incentives. ]
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Asked 8/6/2013 11:58:15 AM
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