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Discuss coding for obstetrics, including items covered by the global fee for antepartum and postpartum periods of normal pregnancy.
One of the unusual aspects of OB is the global fee that encompasses the antepartum, delivery, and postpartum period of normal pregnancy. [ The initial blood history, physical examination, blood pressure, weight, fetal heart tones, routine analysis, and monthly visits up to twenty-eight weeks gestation, biweekly visits, thirty-six weeks gestation, and weekly visits until delivery are all included
in antepartum care. Delivery services should include hospital admission with history and physical, the management of uncomplicated labor, and the vaginal pr cesarean delivery. Episiotomy and use of forceps are also included. Any medical complications should be coded separately. Normal, uncomplicated and hospital and office visits for six weeks following vaginal or cesarean section delivery are included in postpartum care. It is not unusual for a patient to have more than one physician to provide complete obstetrics care due to extended length of care of the OB patient. If a physician provides part or all of the antepartum and postpartum care, but does not perform delivery due to referral to another physician or termination of pregnancy by abortion, the antepartum and postpartum care CPT coded 59409-59410 and 59414-59430 should be used. ]
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