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Q: What sort of guidelines do they need to know about when making friends (think body language, tone, etc)? What are some communication guidelines they would need to know when speaking to and
interacting with friends (think humor, sarcasm, etc)? How are the academics in the U.S. different from the rest of the world? How are they similar?
A: Here is a sample complaint letter for you to address your internet broadband connection service regarding your inactive connection From: Your Full Name Your Address Your Account Number with them To: Name of Manager His or Her Office Position Name of [ the Network Company Address of their company Date Written Subject: Inactive Broadband Connection Respected Sir/Ma’am, I am, (Your name) from (Home
Address) and I want to complain about our inactive and poor internet broadband connection service we are getting from your company. May I present you some essential details that may help you understand my complaint. a. Account Number: b. Your nearest cell site c. Your Computer`s Operating System d. Attach a Screen shot indicating the poor signal you are getting or your broadband network speed. e. Number of days you are experiencing the connection problem. f. Most importantly your last day of payment When would be a best time to discuss this situation with you? We would like to come to some agreement without undermining our business relationship with you. We always believe that you can fix it out and still, our best broadband connection service to date. Very Truly Yours, Your Signature Your Printed Name. Read more: In this week`s assignment, you will apply the guidelines for communication between friends to a situation where individuals will be developi? - In this week s assignment, you will apply the guidelines for communication between friends to a situation where individuals will be developing new friendships. Using Microsoft Word, prepare a document that does the following: Imagine that you are hosting a group of exchange students next term. You are responsible for welcoming the students to campus and acquainting the students with life on campus socially as well as academically. Develop a guide for the visiting students. Keep in mind that the students have not lived in the United States nor attended a U.S. college before. ]
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Asked 12/18/2013 6:59:50 AM
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