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1.Discuss how a schema is related to constructionist theory or reconstruction
A schema is a network of knowledge, beliefs, or expectations about specific aspects of the world. Schema theory is the idea that humans try to categorize new knowledge into existing schema in order to better understand it in the context of the world. [ [ The underlying assumption of this theory is that humans are active processors of information, and that distortion (mistakes in memory) occurs
when an individual incorrectly fills in the blanks. Theorists on memory believe that memory is a reconstructive process. They believe that people try to reconstruct the past by fitting it into existing schemas. In other words, people try to find common meaning in new knowledge that they attain. The most modern research suggests that memory is actually an imaginative reconstruction of one's experience. Schema theory appears to be valid because of the large amount of memory processing that it explains. However, some critics argue that it is oversimplified and does not account for some intricacies of the brain. Bartlett's study on serial reproduction supports schema theory. In this study, Bartlett asked participants to read a classic Native American legend and reproduce it by memory 15 minutes later. Bartlett found that when people tried to reproduce the legend, they made it more conventional and repeated less of the details unique to Native American culture. This supports the conclusion that the people were fitting the legend into existing schemas, and only repeated the parts that they found meaning in. ]
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