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Q: List and describe the location of the nine abdominal regions using directional terms.
A: The 4 abdominal quadrants have very easy lines to remember. One line is vertical, and it is on the midline, which divides the abdomen into left and right (Don't forget: it's the victim's left or right!). [ The other line, which divided the abdomen into upper (superior) and lower (inferior), intersects the midline at a visible landmark. Can you guess it? The belly button, or navel, of course.
From here onwards, however, we will no longer be using those words. The "belly button" is actually called the umbilicus . . . makes sense, doesn't it! As for naming each of the four, that's really easy. Each quadrant has 3 words in the name: Left or Right Upper or Lower Quadrant. For ease in labeling, we give a three letter abbreviation for each: Left Upper Quadrant (LUQ), Left Lower Quadrant (LLQ), Right Upper Quadrant (RUQ), and Right Lower Quadrant (RLQ). The 9 abdominal regions take a bit more time to name. I'm sure, however, that you can find the Umbilical region . . . around the umbilicus, of course! The areas above and below are given terms relative to the stomach (or at least where people think the stomach is: Epigastric (Epi = above, gastric = stomach), and Hypogastric (Hypo = below, gastric = stomach). The six remaining regions are divided into left and right (the victim's!), so there are only three more names to learn. The regions on either side are named according to the area of the spine (the lumbar region is the lower back): Left Lumbar and Right Lumbar. The regions on either side of the Hypogastric are named according to the bone that makes up the crest of the pelvis (The Iliac crest): Left Iliac and Right Iliac. Lastly, the two regions on either side of the Epigastric are named according to the organs' placement below the cartilage (chondro = cartilage) attaching the ribs to the sternum (costal cartilage, costal = ribs). Since these organs are under the cartilage, their names should make sense: Left Hypochondriac and Right Hypochondriac read more here: ]
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Asked 7/10/2013 8:56:36 PM
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