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describe how current legislation, government policy and agreed ways of working support inclusive practice for dementia care and support?
This convention is used as guidelines and is not a part of UK law. There is no one set legislation that covers safeguarding children and young people in the UK. [ There are different laws and guidelines that cover different parts of the UK, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The following is a list of current legislation guidelines, policies and procedures for England. • Working
together in safeguarding children 2010 These guidelines are for those working within: • Education • Health • Social services • Police • Probation The guidelines are relevant to those working closely with children and their families in statutory, independent and voluntary sectors. The document covers the following areas • A summary of the nature and impact of child abuse and neglect • How to operate best practise in child protection procedures. • The roles and responsibilities of different agencies and GP’s • The role of local safeguarding children’s boards • The processes to be followed when there are concerns about a child • The action to be taken to safeguard and promote the welfare of children experiencing, or at risk of significant harm. ]
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describe how the experience of an individual's dementia may impact on carers
Weegy: Think about it this way. There is no real cure for dementia. Once you have it you will slowly deteriorate. Medication will only slow the process. [ Now think you are that caregiver where day in and day out your job is to take care of people that has no hope to get better. I would think after a while you almost lose faith in humanity and lose your positive attitude. You will be surprised on how a positive attitude can go a long way for your health. ] (More)
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