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Q: Which of the following are the primary hormones in girls during puberty? A. testosterone and estrogen B. testosterone and progesterone C. ingesterone and estrogen D. estrogen and progesterone
A: ESTROGEN EFFECTS Creates proliferative endometrium Breast cell stimulation (fibrocystic breasts*) Increased body fat and weight gain* Salt and fluid retention Depression, anxiety, and headaches* Cyclical migraines* Poor sleep patterns* Interferes with thyroid hormone function* Impairs blood sugar control* Increased risk of blood clots* Little or no libido effect* Loss of zinc and retention of
copper* Reduced oxygen levels in all cells* Causes endometrial cancer* Increased risk of breast cancer* Increased risk of prostate cancer* Restrains boneloss Reduces vascular tone (dilates blood vessels) Triggers autoimmune diseases* Creates progesterone receptors Relieves hot flashes*** Prevents vaginal dryness & mucosal atrophy*** Increases risk of gall bladder disease* Improves memory*** Improves sleep disorders*** Improves health of urinary tract*** Relieves night sweats*** PROGESTERONE EFFECTS Maintains secretory endometrium Protects against breast fibrocysts Helps use fat for energy Natural diuretic Natural anti-depressant & calms anxiety Prevents cyclical migraines Promotes normal sleep patterns Facilitates thyroid hormone function Helps normalize blood sugar levels Normalizes blood clotting Helps restores normal libido Normalizes zinc and copper levels Restores proper cell oxygen levels Prevents endometrial cancer Helps prevent breast cancer1 Decreased risk of prostate cancer Stimulates new bone formation Improves vascular tone Prevents autoimmune diseases Increases sensitivity of estrogen receptors Necessary for survival of embryo Precursor of corticosteroid biosynthesis Prevents coronary artery spasm and atherosclerotic plaque. Sleepiness, depression** Digestive problems
Asked 7/15/2013 7:59:56 AM
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