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Weighing the pluses and the minuses includes a. surveying a sample. c. communicating with friends and family. b. paying attention to details. d. gathering appropriate information.
Acknowledgments This document was written by Katie Schenk (Horizons/Population Council) and Jan Williamson (consultant) under the guidance of the Steering Group. [ The members of the Steering Group and their affiliations at the time of their involvement were Johannes van Dam (Horizons/Population Council), Linda Sussman (USAID), Gina Dallabetta and Suzi Peel (IMPACT/FHI), and Roeland Monasch
(UNICEF). Initial ideas for this publication were discussed at an Expert Consultation meeting on gathering information from children in November 2003 attended by Steering Group members and Isolde Birdthistle (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine); Nicollette Borek (NIDA/NIH); Minki Chatterji (Community REACH Project); Katherine Davenny (NIH); Joan Duncan (Long Island University); Kate Harrison (International HIV/AIDS Alliance); Kyle Jemison (Catholic Relief Services/STRIVE); Millicent Obaso (AHEAD Inc.); Chloe O’Gara (AED); Leslie Snider (Tulane University); Diane Swales (Save the Children); Mike Wessells (Randolph Macon University/Christian Children’s Fund); and David Borasky, Inoussa Kabore, Nicole Kouassi, Robert Magnani, Susan Mathew, Susan Pobywajlo, Dimitri Prybylski, Julie Victor-Ahuchogu, and Joshua Volle (FHI). ]
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