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3.3: Describe actions take in response to evidence or concern that a child or young person has been abused, harmed (including self harm) or bullied or maybe at risk of harm, abuse or bullying.
It is so substantial that you report any reports, evidence or concerns that a child may be or is at risk of harm abuse or bulling as this is looking at the welfare of the child. [ This shows good practice and which fulfills legal requirements. My role is to enable children to protect themselves as this is important role in safeguarding. You should always: • Listen to what the children has to
say • Encourage children to think about their own personal safety • Give opportunity for child toe express needs and feelings • Increase their confidence • Observe each child regularly The actions to take would be to go to your supervisor to tell them and to see if she/he also thinks you should report it as you can just be over protective. You have to do an evidence sheet which needs names, dates and signatures to prove that this is what a child has said or what you have seen and to also make it look professional. You then have to take it to the head or main person in charge to get them to deal with this incident. If he/she decides to take further action you will be asked for to get your word and more persific evidence also to prove that you did see or hear what happened. ]
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