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Describe in detail, the events occurring in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems during exercise.
Aerobic exercise such as running or swimming increases your muscles' need for oxygen and nutrients. You breathe deeper and your pulse increases when you engage in moderate to intense aerobic exercise. [ When you are out of shape, your cardiovascular system cannot adapt quickly in response to your increased exertion and you tire easily. With regular exercise, though, your cardiovascular system
evolves and adapts. Response During moderate to intense exercise your heart rate increases, and your heart pumps more blood. As a result, your systolic blood pressure rises and blood volume increases. Systolic pressure quantifies the pressure of blood against your vessel walls as measured when your heart contracts. In healthy young athletes, your diastolic pressure, or your blood pressure as measured between active heart beats, actually drops, because your capillaries and veins relax and dilate somewhat during exercise. The short-term changes in your cardiovascular system return to their resting state when you rest. Long-term benefits of exercise include lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, better circulation to extremities thanks to formation of new capillaries and a quick recovery of resting heart rate after vigorous exertion. Read more: ]
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What happens to the respirtory system during exercise?
Weegy: During exercise this happens to your respiratory system. Ventilation increases to meet the demands of exercise through the following two methods: 1. [ An increase in ‘tidal volume’ which refers to the quantity of air that is inhaled and exhaled with every breath. This is similar to ‘stoke volume’ in the cardiovascular system. 2. An increase in the ‘respiration or breathing rate’ which refers to how many times a person completes an inhalation and exhalation every minute. This is similar to ‘heart rate’ in the cardiovascular system. If the exercise is intense, breathing rates may increase from a typical resting rate of 15 breaths per minute up to 40 – 50 breaths per minute. The most commonly used measure of respiratory function with exercise is known as VO2 (volume of oxygen uptake). VO2 refers to the amount of oxygen taken up and used by the body. With continuous exercise (= 1 minute in duration) such as aerobic fitness, longer duration anaerobic fitness and to a lesser degree muscular endurance training, VO2 increases linearly with increases in exercise intensity. This is due to an increasing reliance on oxygen to help provide energy as exercise continues. As the intensity of exercise continues to increase a person reaches a maximum point above which oxygen consumption will not increase any further. This point is known as VO2 max and is shown on the following graph. ] (More)
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