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Q: Explain the role you play in the pattern of global stratification around the world, as represented by the maquiladoras?
A: low wages, health, long hours, environmental Source(s):
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User: Explain the role you play in the pattern of global stratification around the world, as represented by the maquiladoras?

Weegy: low wages, health, long hours, environmental Source(s):
cocol123|Points 53|

User: How do you add to the problem of the less fortunate around the world, like the maquiladoras?

Weegy: First, it is best to explore the origin and function of the maquiladora in the economy. Mexico's Border Industrialization Program of 1966 first established the maquiladoras. [ The plants must operate within the framework of Mexican laws, and the Mexican government is free to place restrictions on them. For a U.S. company to be incorporated into Mexico, it must submit detailed information about its products, manufacturing process, expenses, jobs created, and a list of all the necessary equipment. Then the company will receive approval to operate under a maquiladora program and will be issued a permit. Once the maquiladora is operating, the company will transport goods for repair or assembly to Mexico duty-free. Once assembled, the products are exported back to the U.S. with a tax added to the value (Martinez). Some of the companies with maquiladora status include Hyindai, Sony, General Electric, Ford, Zenith, Sara Lee and Wal-Mart (Kourous). There are many advantages of the maquiladoras, which creates incentive for more companies to join. For the U.S., the foremost advantage is a plethora of low wage employees with high quality skills. Many companies have reported a saving of up to $30,000 per direct labor employee per year (Manufacturing). Also, the border plants offer quick delivery, reduced costs and special tariff treatment. The primary advantage to the Mexican border towns is the vast opening of jobs and opportunity for employment. In addition, the maquiladoras provide a thriving export economy for Mexico. With all this economic power, it is easy to see why the maquiladoras have continued to grow. Removal of restrictions on non-Mexican ownership of plants in 1972 was important to the expansion of the maquiladora program. We have seen an incline in establishments and employees, especially in recent years. In 1997, there were 1,800 U.S. owned plants that employed half a million workers (Martinez). In one year, the amount of plants grew to almost 4,000 and employed more than one million workers in 1998 (Kourous). The rapid growth of the maquiladoras is astonishing and will most likely continue to rise. While the U.S. ]
zyrilcallyxkyle|Points 15|

User: •What can or should be done to eliminate global stratification and the culture of poverty? Explain.

Weegy: The essence of human nature is the quest for and the ability to obtain resources. [ That said, culture groups work on the same principle with Americans capturing the greatest amount of resources, this in part by the sheer luck of living on a land rich in just about everything. Humans and culture groups or societies will always try to keep their upper hand at the expense of other humans and other groups. Over time the balance of power will shift and the haves will have not and the have nots will have - just seems to work out that way. And it is in the best interest of the haves to keep others out of their pie, poverty isn't so much a symptom as it is a tool for the wealthy to gain more wealth. The only way to eliminate this is to get rid of global markets as they exist and share resources freely. ]
rpatricia|Points 40|

User: •Find a company's SWOT analysis on the Web and provide a link to the analysis. •In your own words, describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for this company

Asked 8/10/2013 9:42:26 PM
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