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Q: describe how the experience of dementia may be different for individuals who are at the end of life
A: People with dementia often live for many years after their diagnosis. [ However, as it is a degenerative condition, it’s wise to make palliative care plans well in advance of someone entering the end of life phase. End of life care, or palliative care, provides support for people with an incurable illness so they are able to live as well as possible until their death, it also involves support
for family members. Care can be provided at home, in a hospice, a care home, or hospital. Everyone who has been diagnosed with dementia should have a care plan drawn up with healthcare professionals. End of life care should be a key part of this dementia care plan, according to NICE. Having end of life care covered in the care plan means the person with dementia will hopefully be able to specify where they would like to die and to ensure that they are treated with dignity in the way they would wish. The dementia care plan should also provide some support for carers of people with dementia who will experience feelings of bereavement and grief around the time of death. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) identifies the end of life as a key part of the care plans for a person with dementia. The care plan should enable the person with dementia to die with dignity where they wish, and to support carers during bereavement. After their diagnosis, a person with dementia may also wish to think about their own preferences for end of life care – for example, by making an advance statement of their wishes. ]
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