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The study of what motivates some of us to do well in school or on the job would fall in the area of _________ research. User: _________ psychologists study the brain and the nervous system.
Weegy: Psychologists study the brain and the nervous system because the behavior, perception, cognition we have and do are governed by neurotransmitters that depends on the brain and the nervous system. [ [ They understand that the brain is the commander of our whole body therefore controls behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study the brain in different ways: 1.Brain Lesioning - may be natural or artificial. Artificial brain damages are induced in the laboratory by surgery, laser removal and through the use of drugs; while natural brain damages may be caused by environmental hazards that are naturally occurring or by some unusual and/or common street accidents. Basically this method provides psychologists insights into what aspects of behavior are affected by damage on certain parts of the brain, and up to what extent can the damage significantly alter behavior. 2. Brain Staining Staining the brain is a technique used by psychologists to pinpoint which neurons are connected and activated by each other. Because neuronal membranes contain ion channels that open and close whenever a neuron is activated, stains like horse dish peroxidase enter these channels and paint the path neurotransmitters take to transmit information to neighboring neurons. Because neurons are generally too small to be seen by the naked eye, psychologists use high-powered microscopes to see through a neuron's activity. ] ] User: Psychology had its origins primarily in the discipline of User: _______ studied color vision. User: Mary Calkins Weegy: Mary Whiton Calkins (1863–1930) was an American philosopher and psychologist. Calkins was also the first woman to become president of the American Psychological Association. (More)
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