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Q: how does quality assurance standards relate to performance management?
A: Answer: Quality Assurance and Performance Management Quality assurance is the practice of analyzing an entire service or product delivery system in order to reduce errors that could affect the end product. [ The goal of this process is to catch and correct errors and inefficiencies as they occur, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the service or product being offered. Companies that
utilize effective quality assurance practices have been shown to deliver higher quality products or services than companies who do not. The quality assurance process also enhances consumer confidence that services and products are being provided consistently, effectively, and according to policy. It ensures that less than expected performance and areas of high risk are identified promptly and addressed quickly. FMS can help your business minimize the effects of under-performance by providing independent quality assurance (QA) and program and performance evaluation services. We currently provide these services in 38 offices in 6 states throughout the United States in Arkansas, Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. As a third-party entity, FMS can provide the independence and objectivity that is critical to the execution of meaningful QA activities. Our quality assurance model can assist your organization improve your products and services. FMS can assist you do the following: Improve the performance of your client outcomes Improve your staff's knowledge and execution of their work Achieve and sustain excellent performance We accomplish this by embedding objective third-party oversight without supplanting operational management. Our system provides checks and balances that evaluate the efficiency of our clients' internal structures and processes. As we discover and publish best practices based on what we learn from our evaluation system, we share this knowledge amongst our clients for broader implementation. Our goal is to help your business build systems that strive for continuous improvement. ]
Asked 7/22/2013 6:18:55 AM
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