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Q: The best computer models of global climate change indicate that in the next 50 years, (Points : 5)
A: Most climatologists agree that if there is any global climate change over the next 50-100 years, it will be a direct result of the more specific problem of global warming. [ Carbon dioxide emissions that cause greenhouse effect, are expected, at a minimum, to double in the next 50-100 years. The specter that alarms those who fear global warming is that many climate models that assume a doubling
of carbon dioxide emissions over the next 50-100 years forecast a 3-7 degree F increase in global temperature, an increase that is unprecedented in such a short period of time. Current climatological models indicate that a 3-7 degree F increase in global average temperature would cause a melting of substantial portions of polar ice, which when combined with thermal expansion of the oceans would result in a global sea level rise of between one and three feet. Many low lying coastal areas would be jeopardized, such as the country of Bangladesh, where many of the lands adjacent to the ocean are at or below sea level. In the United States numerous barrier islands, primarily on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts would be adversely influenced. Some coastal marshes and wetlands would be inundated. This might have a mitigating effect on warming, since these types of environments are one of the leading natural sources of methane. However, the loss of these ecosystems would probably have far-reaching consequences, and in any case, marsh like environments might possibly "migrate" inland. Several major urban areas such as New Orleans, Miami, and New York City would also be threatened. ]
icebelmonte|Points 140|
Asked 9/16/2013 11:57:07 AM
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