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Q: Have portfolios made the learning assessment process inconvenient Is the effort exerted on portfolio assessment commensurate to the improvement of learning that results from the use of portfolio/
A: Instructional approaches on K-12 education have changed with the passage of time.Technological advancements have brought into play greater use of visual aids, hypermedia, [ and interactive simulations and lesser practice of the traditional chalkboard method. Additionally,curricular developments have been undertaken to address the ever increasing stack of educational information needed by
students. These did not only redefine the teaching process during K-12education but also affected the learning experience of students. Such curricular changes also brought about dynamism in the educational evaluation process. Electronically generated examinations, evidenced-based researches, learning portfolios, and the like have been utilized in addition to the conventional paper-and-pen examinations. The use of learning portfolios, as a new approach to the evaluation process has gauged students' performance and ability to process learned information. Portfolios are collection of documents, literature and other educational materials designed to assess specific student performance. Thesemay cover the conception, drafting, and revision of works in progress; the best pieces of astudent's creation; student's assessment of outputs; and parents' and/or instructors' evaluative comments on strengths and weaknesses. It is reflective of the daily learning experience of students and should be a continuous documentation to specifically scale student's status, progress and accomplishments. ]
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Asked 8/29/2013 2:06:59 AM
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