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when should the indirect method be used?
Indirect teaching method 1: inquiry-based learning 1. [ Orientation Introduce the learning goals. Explain why inquiry-based learning is being used. Explain the task, for example, what students will be doing, timing, expected products, whether working individually or in teams. 2. Engagement Introduce a well-defined and realistic question or issue to be investigated. Explain the inquiry
procedures. Where necessary, teach students how to: clarify the purpose of the research and expected outcomes formulate and refine their research question/s and then frame a hypothesis related to the topic of inquiry develop a research plan collect primary or secondary sources of information, data or evidence about the topic from appropriate, readily available sources analyse and interpret the data, information or evidence to test the hypothesis organise data, information or evidence into categories identify the important data, information or evidence relative to the topic develop an answer to the inquiry/research question present their findings (report). Monitor students' progress and evaluate what teaching strategy, resource or learning support is needed to help them progress. 3. Debrief Encourage students to reflect on and share the process of their inquiry, what worked well and why it worked well. Facilitate sharing of findings. Indirect teaching method 2: inductive teaching 1. Orientation Introduce the learning goal. Explain why this method is being used. Explain how the task will be managed, for example, timing, expected products, individual or group work. 2. ]
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Asked 9/19/2013 12:54:12 AM
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