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What are the similarities and the differences of instinct theories and evolutionary theories.
Under Darwin’s influence, early theorists viewed behavior as being controlled by instincts, complex behaviors that are rigidly patterned throughout a species and are unlearned. [ When it became clear that people were naming, not explaining, various behaviors by calling them instincts, this approach fell into disfavor. The idea that genes predispose species-typical behavior is still influential
in evolutionary psychology. This perspective searches for the adaptive functions of behavior.Instincts are rigidly patterned, complex behaviors found throughout a species, such as the nest-building behaviors of species of birds. Early instinct theorists, influenced by Darwin’s theory of natural selection, tried to classify human behaviors as though they were propelled by such instincts. When it became clear that they were naming, not explaining, behaviors, this approach fell into disfavor. The underlying idea—that genes predispose species-typical behavior—is, however, still influential in evolutionary psychology, which studies behaviors in search of their adaptive functions. ]
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