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My login and password for weegy is what I forgot
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User: I do not remember my password or log in

User: I know my yahoo password do not remember this one

User: I know that

User: My login and password for weegy is what I forgot

Weegy: Just click forgot password..and go to your yahoo mail and click also forgot password and apply the question that they give.and change your password that can essay to memories or you can take note.
Serrys|Points 110|

Asked 9/29/2013 9:52:38 PM
Updated 1/14/2014 9:49:14 AM
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If you have forgotten you password for your account, click on the 'lost password' link underneath the password box on the login screen. Weegy will send you an email to your registered email address with information on how to reset your account password.
Added 1/14/2014 9:49:14 AM
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Where is account setting to change my password? User: What is being done to address the issues of health, loneliness, and a person's income and economic welfare?
Weegy: Answer: What is being done to address the issues of health, loneliness and a person's income and economic welfare? The first problem includes health issues. These include hearing and sight loss, memory loss and increased health problems. [ While many people will not face these problems right away, these losses can be gradual, the aging population can learn to adapt to the limitations. While today's elderly person is considerably more healthy than those of previous generations, they still need health plans like Medicare and Medicaid. Another problem deals with the elderly person's income and economic welfare. No longer being in the workforce, these individuals will need to rely on their pensions and Social Security. However, because the cost of living rises, some elderly "live below or slightly above the poverty level" (Gerontology). Loneliness is another issue. Men tend to have a shorter life expectancy than women. Therefore, many married females become widows as they age. While some children are a short distance from older parents, some live too far a distance away to provide the proper support in emergencies. "Social relationships might be difficult to maintain in old age because of health limitations, death of family members and friends, loss of workmates, and lack oftransportation" (Gerontology). While health concerns, economic issues and loneliness are problems the aging population has to face, there are two major ones that must be addressed. These are neglect/abuse and crime against the elderly. While the younger generations are more likely to be crime victims, the elderly are tagets also. This includes robbery and identity theft. With many scams going around, if they are not careful, the older person may become a victim. One such scam may ask a person to provide a third party with banking or credit card information. The victim will have money taken out of his account without his approval. Another scam may be where the victim is given a forged ... (More)
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Asked 9/29/2013 10:01:59 PM
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What is being done to address the issues health, loneliness and a person's income and economic welfare?
Weegy: Another theme of Aging Program's research is the labor market behavior of older workers, and how it relates to retirement policy. [ The issue is important because potentially productive labor capacity is forgone through retirement; and because retirement has contributed to the growing financial pressures on public and private programs that provide income and health care support at older ages. It raises the question of whether people's work and retirement decisions at older ages are chosen optimally, based on how individuals trade-off earnings and leisure over the life course, or whether they are distorted in some way by the incentives of the system. In early work in the Aging Program, we considered the significant impact of employer-provided pension plans in inducing retirement at ages younger than would occur without the plans. Over the past several years, we have looked at the influence on retirement of social security systems around the world. And most recently, we have revisited the incentives in public retirement programs in the United States. Our work on international social security systems, now in its fifth phase, has brought together a team of investigators from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For each phase of the project, a set of parallel studies has been conducted on the social security system in each country; and these studies are then integrated to allow comparisons across countries. Results of each phase have been published in a series of research volumes.5 The first phase of the project mapped out the detailed policy characteristics of social security programs into measures of retirement incentives comparable across countries, showing the close relationship between the financial incentives in each social security system and the retirement behavior occurring in each country (6134). The second phase applied micro-data from each country to ... (More)
Expert Answered
Asked 9/29/2013 10:09:11 PM
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