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Q: What can you do to improve on the competencies needed for your career goal? Review the competency development tips for assistance with improving competencies
A: Improving personal competencies must include a commitment to change. Personal competencies are abilities, like paying attention to detail. Personal competencies can enhance job opportunities and your quality of life. [ In order to learn how to improve personal competencies, you should start by looking inward and focus on a few aspects first. Time-management skills will be necessary to help
ensure personal competencies are improved. Look for additional support by connecting with experts with a plan for implementation. Instructions 1 Improve your personal competencies by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. Typically, businesses use templates to evaluate this. But individuals may borrow the same principle by following some of the same template guidelines found on the website. Determine the things you like and do well and aspects where you are challenged. Reviewing a business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis template is helpful for the first two parts, S-trengths and W-eaknesses. These incorporate the evaluation of internal (i.e., communication skills) and external (i.e., political awareness) issues. 2 Make a commitment to add skills that can improve your quality of life. Consider the top three to five skills you would like to become better at doing or learn for the first time. Learning to swim, a new language or a new career can be examples. Create a time-management plan that sets goals for completion of each task. Enhance your quality of life by committing to plan for your future. 3 Take classes on line or in physical classrooms to enhance competencies. Colleges and seminars can be very helpful in improving personal competencies. You can select from a variety of topics (i.e., cooking or accounting) that fit your needs. Costs will depend on the place you choose to obtain training. Gain specialized skills from the instruction. Locate the best training options by referring to college websites. 4 Look for ways to improve work-life strategically by expanding your skill-set. Expand your abilities by volunteering, shadowing or working part-time to learn more competencies from others. ]
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