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Q: Select the errors in the following sentence. I really like using my apple® computer to do my homework but there are times when I would rather use a windows® machine even though the windows one has
less software. There should be a comma afterI. Appleshould be capitalized. Computershould be capitalized. There should be a comma aftercomputer. There should be a comma afterhomework. There should be a comma aftertimes. Windowsshould be capitalized in both instances. Windowsshould be capitalized in only the first instance. There should be a semicolon aftermachine. There should be a comma aftermachine. Question #2MultipleSelect Score: Select the sentences that are punctuated incorrectly. My mom's and dad's house has just been sold.My mom and dad's house has just been sold.Her sister's-in-law's car is in the repair shop.Her sister-in-law's car is in the repair shop. Question #3TextMultipleChoice Score: Label the sentence either ADJ or ADV to indicate whether the prepositional phrase in the sentence is being used as an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase. ADJADV The shelf near the corner is the one I like the most. ADVADJ The leader of the team scored the most points. ADJADV The two first graders were reading in the hallway. ADVADJ Before I can even think about which college I am going to attend, I need to get good grades. ADVADJ I always get nervous when a bird flies over my head. Question #4MultipleSelect Score: Select the topics that would be appropriate for a exposition. My Grandmother's Birthday PartyHow to Make New FriendsAn Analysis of Shelley's WritingThe Story of a New SchoolThe Day that I Learned to Be Quiet Question #5MultipleChoice Score: Complete the analogy. Timid:vivacious:: gigantic:minisculebubbly:airysmarmy:snobbykind-hearted:tenderprolific:extensive Question #6MultipleChoice Score: Determine whether the following situation calls for active or passive listening. The announcer is giving statistics at a basketball game. activepassive Question #7MultipleChoice Score: Suppose you are heading to Spain for a semester, and you want to learn how to spell words in the Spanish language. What would you most likely be studying? pejorationgutteralorthographyrunic symbols Question #8TrueFalse Score: Both italicized phrases in the sentence are adverb clauses. After it stopped snowing outside, I decided to start shoveling my sidewalk that was in front of the house because I wanted to finish shoveling before it got dark. TrueFalse Question #9MultipleChoice Score: What resume should be used in the following situation? Leo is applying for a job at his local grocery store. He doesn't have a lot of experience, but he does have many skills and accomplishments that will relate to his job. chronologicalfunctionalcombinationcurriculum vitae Question #10MultipleSelect Score: Select the points to help you practice a speech correctly that were discussed in this course. practicerecord your speechget a good night's rest before the speechsmile while you are speakingmake eye contactkeep the speech short Question #11MultipleChoice Score: Identify the unnecessary adjective in the following sentence. Our new house looks small and miniscule when you compare it to the huge old mansion down the street. newstatelyminisculeold Question #12MultipleChoice Score: Based on your knowledge of affixes, what does hypercritical mean? unreasonably criticalstudy of criticismfalse criticismthe science of criticismnone of these Question #13MultipleChoice Score: Identify how the verbal is used in the following sentence. Running around the block is my favorite activity. participial phrase as an adjectiveparticipial phrase as a noungerund phrase as subjectgerund phrase as a predicate nominativeinfinitive phrase as a nouninfinitive phrase as a direct object Question #14MultipleChoice Score: Select the sentence that uses standard English. He needs to learn how to mow the lawn hisself.He himself needs to learn how to mow the lawn.He needs to learn hisself how to mow the lawn.It is himself that needs to learn to mow the lawn. Question #15MultipleChoice Score: Use context clues to select the best definition of the italicized word. The euphoric student beamed after she won the award for the best science fair project and the cash prize for best overall presentation. reluctantsmoothhappydisagreeablepermissivekilljoy Question #16TrueFalse Score: The following analogy is correct: Paleontology:pterodactyl::botany:geranium TrueFalse Question #17MultipleSelect Score: Select the correctly punctuated sentences. "I couldn't believe that she said 'Stop!' when I was walking down the hall," said Sally."I couldn't believe that she said "Stop!" when I was walking down the hall," said Sally.Three fourths of the committee voted to have prom next month.Three-fourths of the committee voted to have prom next month.I really want to see many things in Orlando: Disney World, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.I really want to see many things in Orlando, Disney World, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Question #18MultipleSelect Score: Select the corrections that need to be made to the following sentence. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the workers were busily gathering the crops for the harvest, because the storm was coming quickly. Place a comma betweenMeanwhileandback.Place a comma betweenbusilyandgathering.Place a semicolon betweenharvestandbecause.Place a dash betweenMeanwhileandback.Remove the comma betweenharvestandbecause. Question #19TrueFalse Score: The following sentence contains at least one infinitive phrase and at least one prepositional phrase. I like to go into my back yard because there are many things inside our tree house. TrueFalse Question #20TextMultipleChoice Score: Select the correct pronoun. ThatWhoWhomI do you want to see next? Question #21TextMultipleChoice Score: Select the correct word to complete each sentence. Teachers often talk about differentiated learning. When talking about this topic, they are most likely using jargongeneral Englishslanggobbledygookan idiom . Question #22TrueFalse Score: "Dogs can be very helpful pets" is a good topic sentence for the following paragraph. Dogs can be very helpful pets. Some can be trained to go outside to get the newspaper for you in the morning, and some can also open doors and get things for those that are physically disabled. I've even heard of some that can heal people when they are sick by making them feel better. My neighbor down the street is blind, so he uses his dog to help him get around his house and also to cross the street. TrueFalse Question #23MultipleChoice Score: Alexandria wants to include in her speech a word whose suffix means "to make." Which word should she use? widelywiderwidenwideness Question #24MultipleChoice Score: Shane is trying to finish his geography assignment. He needs to write out definitions of geographic terms related to mountains, and he can't find his geography textbook. Which reference resource should he use? dictionarythesaurusencyclopediacard catalogalmanacatlasgazetteerbibliographyindexnewspapertelephone directoryvertical file Question #25TrueFalse Score: Donna wanted to write a sentence about how there is more than one Tim in her class. She wrote this sentence: Our class is filled with many Tim's. She wrote the sentence correctly. TrueFalse Question #26MultipleChoice Score: You recently read in a newspaper article that Internet is an example of a coined word. What other word would be the best example of a coined word? Facebookmousekeyboardtrousers Question #27TextMultipleChoice Score: Click on the boxes to correctly identify how the forms of the word relate are used. nounverbadverbadjective My mother is a very relational person. verbnounadjectiveadverb How is your relationship with your best friend? nounadverbadjectiveverb The DJ was not talking about a relatable topic Question #28MultipleChoice Score: Listen to the Tiny Tutor and answer the question. Which is one way in which a short story differs from a novel? it has a different plot structure.It is designed to be read in one sitting.It usually is far more detailed. Question #29TrueFalse Score: The following sentences each contain an interrogative pronoun. What did the guy say? What did he mean by what he said? Where was he when he said it? Why did he say it? To whom did he say it? Which tone of voice did he use to say it? Is the statement that he said true? TrueFalse Question #30MultipleChoice Score: Why is the following sentence a compound sentence? My Aunt Felicia really likes to go to Florida on vacation, but my Uncle Henry would rather ski the slopes in Montana. It contains just one thought.It contains two complete thoughts and can be separated into two different sentences.It contains one complete thought and one subordinate clause.It is not a compound sentence. Question #31MultipleSelect Score: If you were to write a paper about dialects in the United States, what main topics would you most likely include as reasons for the development of dialects? climatetopographyspread of literacyimproved communication techniqueseconomic conditionssocial structureisolationlife forms Question #32TextMultipleChoice Score: Select the correct word for each example. Travis blinks a lot when he is nervous, and he often coughs when everyone else is silent. Blinking and coughing are some of Travis's skill setssignsinferencesregional dialectsidiosyncrasies . Question #33MultipleChoice Score: Select the gerund phrase in the following sentence. Meeting the foreign exchange student is what I'm very excited about. Meeting the foreign exchange studentMeeting the foreign exchange student iswhat I'm very excited aboutthe foreign exchange student isI'm very excited about Question #34TrueFalse Score: The italicized pronoun is the correct pronoun to use in this sentence. The class was really happy about their accomplishment. TrueFalse Question #35MultipleChoice Score: Select the complete participial phrase in the following sentence. Finding the answer quickly, Benjamin quickly raised his hand so that he could be the first to answer the teacher's question. FindingFinding the answerFinding the answer quicklyquickly raised his handraised his hand so that he could be the firstso that he could be the first to answerto answer the teacher's question Question #36TextMultipleChoice Score: Select the correct word to complete each sentence. After reading a book by Tolkien, Sam wanted to learn more about when the text was written and what was going on in the author's life when he wrote the book. Sam is using context cluesnarrationsocial/historical contextbiographical informationinference . Question #37TrueFalse Score: The italicized phrase in the sentence is an adjective clause. After we flew over the Atlantic Ocean, the plane landed in London, where we were to take our tour of Buckingham Palace. TrueFalse Question #38Matching Score: Match each term to its italicized example. 1. coordinating conjunction I waved to my grandmother,the lady in the white coat, as I headed onto the field. 2. gerund phrase I needto takemy college entrance exam this Saturday. 3. infinitive Singing in the choiris what brings me joy in life. 4. direct address It's up to you,Sarah, whether or not you go to prom this year. 5. participial phrase Standing next to me in line, the freshman dumped his entire tray of food on the floor. 6. appositive phrase I wanted hamburgers for supper,butI decided to go for Chinese instead. Question #39MultipleSelect Score: Which reference materials would not be helpful for the following assignment? Samantha needs to write a speech about Herbert Hoover. dictionaryencyclopediacard cataloglibrariangazetteerbiography indexart indexatlastelephone directory Question #40TrueFalse Score: The connotation of the italicized word in the following sentence is negative. I really like going to garage sales because I am able to find all kinds of things for my home at cheap prices. TrueFalse Question #41TrueFalse Score: The underlined sentence in the following paragraph is a good example of a topic sentence. The monkey exhibit in the zoo was just added this past spring. My grandma likes to see the elephants the best, and I really like the spot where all the African animals are. Her favorite thing to get from the concession stand is pretzels with the cheese dip. We usually sit together by the flamingo garden and talk about how everything is going in each of our lives. At the end of the day, we sometimes go to a movie in the theater at the zoo. TrueFalse Question #42Matching Score: Match the connective term with the meaning it portrays. 1. besides to add ideas 2. yet to show a consequence 3. now to indicate order 4. first to indicate a repetition of ideas 5. north to compare 6. hence to show space relationship 7. in short to show time relation 8. similarly to take away, limit, or oppose Question #43TextMultipleChoice Score: Each of the following sentences has one of the three types of verbals. Select I for infinitive, G for gerund, and P for participle to label each sentence. PGI She never likes to go to that gym for basketball practice. GIP Fear is the worst part of skiing. PGI Barking at the cat, my dog usually keeps the neighbors up at night. Question #44MultipleChoice Score: Select the best answer to describe this group of words. The dog with the wagging tail. fragment with no predicatefragment with no subjectsimple sentence with understood subjectcompound sentence with understood subject Question #45MultipleChoice Score: Identify the direct address in the following sentence. What do you think, Suzy, about the whole situation, and what should we do for our friend, Erin? What do you thinkSuzySuzy, about the whole situationabout the whole situationwhat should we dofor our friendfor our friend, ErinErin Question #46MultipleChoice Score: Identify the type of verbal used in the following sentence. Do you remember the laughing girl that we saw at the mall the other day? infinitiveparticiplegerundinfinitive phraseparticipial phrasegerund phrase Question #47MultipleSelect Score: Select all the simple sentences. Go get the car and wash it for me today.Many have seen the movie, but few have read the book.When we are all finished with our meal, we will head over to the movie theater.The dog, owned by my next door neighbor, is always coming over to our yard.Shelly, please head over to the front desk to get a message. Question #48MultipleSelect Score: Select the errors in the following sentence. After talking about it for a while (1) we all decided that three-fourths(2) of the way home we would stop to see Yellowstone national park(3) , since we hadn't been before(4) and it might be a long time before we return;(5)however(6) when we arrived there was a huge storm,(7) a storm that was worse than the storm we had last thanksgiving(8) . 12345678
A: Please ask Weegy one question at a time. Thanks!
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