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Q: In understanding geopolitics, what are the key links between geography and human development? Identify two different countries and explain how these link
A: The key links between geography & human development are simply put...location location location. You need the to have the right combination of plenty, competition, climate, and domesticatable animals. 1. [ Plenty - You want to have enough to survive, but not too much and not too little. For example, the Australian Aborigines lived a life of unquestioned too little and it stagnated their
technological development at the very early levels. Simply put, they were too busy being concerned w/ basic survival. Conversely you have the American Indians who, generally, lived a life of relative ease. In a vast continent filled with abundant and plentiful wild life, the life of a hunter gatherer is an easy one and there is no need to develop. But in Eurasia you had the right combination. Sufficient surpluses to support the growth of non-producing groups (i.e. thinkers), but not enough to deter their growth by making everything just too easy where people didn't need to go looking for better answers. 2. Competition - Competition is the next big key. You need neighbors who will give you a run for your money so to speak, but that aren't going to wipe you out. Essentially you have to be required to have a military or a military capacity. What this means is you need to be in a position where you dedicate a sizeable block of your population to doing other things than growing food, and thus be forced to work smarter to produce more with less. So, relatively mean neighbors will make you compete smarter. Nice neighbors will make you stagnate since there is no need to innovate. Overwhelming neighbors will kill you and then stagnate themselves from the ensuing lack of competition. This is what knocked the Chinese out of the world domination race from 1424 until the present day. They had no competition and felt that they could go it alone. So they burned their treasure fleet and gave it a go. It worked till the much nastier Europeans showed up and gave them some competition. 3. Climate. This probably belongs up at #1, or at least as part of it, but it's also very important. You need a friendly climate, but again...not to friendly. ]
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Asked 8/28/2013 2:10:53 PM
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