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imagine you are an employee of party plates a company that manufactures decorative paper plates and napkins for special events. Your team has been assigned a new project. The president of your
company has tasked you with improving the efficiency of the current information systems used in the sales department, because the current systems are somewhat antiquated. Your organization is currently using Microsoft Excel to track all personnel data, but would like to migrate to a relational database like Microsoft Access. You ahve also been tasked with identifying potential collaborative software that may improve internal communications and help streamline some of the work processes for the sales department. Prepare a 350-700 word proposal addressing the potential implementation of new information systems in your organization. Explain the usefulness of converting data currently held in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into a relational database using Microsoft Access. Describe the benefits of using Microsoft Access in the work environment. Include suggestions for the future use of collaborative software and how it can help the sales department improve communications and streamline work processes
Yes, it is possible to make Excel as a database and be able to be a databas But of course, there are advantages in using Microsoft Excel as database. [ What are the advantages? First and foremost, if you have the Microsoft Office in your PC, you don't need anything else to be installed in your computer. You are good to go and can start with your programming straight away. Second, if you are a
beginner, you can easily learn the Excel VBA Programming because you are half familiar with the programming platform that you are going to use, which is Excel. Third, you can start with small Excel database application and as the need grows especially on records that are getting huge, you can still use the same Excel application and upgrade your database platform from Excel to other high-end databases like Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc. Fourth, Excel is capable of connecting directly to OLAP databases and can be integrated in Pivot Tables. Fifth, You don't need to create a your own financial modules. Excel is rich in financial functions like Fixed Assets Depreciation, Amortization, etc. Sixth, Excel is portable. You can send it to someone through email. Excel database application also has its disadvantages. But these disadvantages are sometimes have some workaround that can be done to fix or sometimes there are little effect that you can just live with them. Here are the disadvantages: When you develop your application into one file it can be huge and will make your program execution very slow. But as I told you, there are workarounds. Design your program to have compact codes to lessen the bloating of the file. Another way is to separate each application function into more than one files. ] ] ]
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