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Q: 4.2 Demonstrate ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication
A: When discussing work related events with friends, family or anyone outside of the work situation you should always ensure that you never disclose any personal information about anyone, they should at all times remain anonymous. [ You can discuss how an encounter at work made you feel as that is about you, but you should not under any circumstances reveal personal information on any other
people. Whilst at work when discussing work matters always ensure that the only people who can hear what is being said are ones that have a need to know. This includes face to face conversations as well as conversations made on the telephone. When discussing confidential matters always do so in private where you won’t be interrupted or overheard, go to another room or location if needed. Also only discuss personal matters on the telephone if you can definitely verify who you are talking with and that they have a need to know the information that you are passing on. Never leave a message on an answer phone that is confidential as you cannot be sure who might be able to listen to the message. Any written records that include personal information on service users, their families or even staff should all be kept together and secured in a file which is locked up in a safe and secure place. The only people who have access to these locked cabinets or rooms are the ones who have a need to know. Always ensure that keys are not left lying around or anyone can then access the information, also ensure that locked rooms and cabinets stay locked. Any written records that contain personal information should not be removed from the workplace in case it gets seen by other people, lost, stolen or damaged. Any electronic information that is stored or transferred by computer should only be shared by people that have the authority to see it. Passwords should be used to protect the computer files and again these passwords should only be shared by people having the authority to access it. ]
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