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analyse the skills, attitudes and approaches needed by those providing support or brokering services in order to implement personalisation
The managers of voluntary, [ community or not-for-profit sector providers have a critical leadership role to play in establishing personalised approaches to service delivery and monitoring person-centred outcomes for people who use services. Developing, delivering and monitoring personalised services means that: the individual is the primary focus there is a commitment to continuously improve
services based on the experiences and feedback from people who use them • resources, including staff, are used flexibly to support people to achieve their desired outcomes all staff, not just frontline staff, are supported to think about their roles in new ways, maintaining an unremitting focus on people who use services a learning, person-centred culture and listening mindset is cultivated throughout the organisation, with frontline workers supported to develop their reflective practice ways of working, particularly policy and planning systems, and governance arrangements, are geared towards promoting cultural change based on customer focus and satisfaction levels. It is important to recognise that people who use services have assets, including knowledge and expertise, that should be used to improve services. Managers must work to build co-productive, problem-solving relationships with people who use services, carers, care managers and commissioners, and the wider community. Harnessing the energies, goodwill and talents of everyone involved increases the chances of creating vibrant networks of support and opportunities for social inclusion. This involves thinking radically about what support is available to people using the service currently, how it is delivered and what difference it makes to their lives. It may mean accepting that current support is ineffective. ]
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1.4 Identify legislation and other national policy documents that promote personalisation
Weegy: Personalisation is a social care approach described by the Department of Health as meaning that “every person who receives support, whether provided by statutory services or funded by themselves, [ will have choice and control over the shape of that support in all care settings". While it is often associated with direct payments and personal budgets, under which service users can choose the services that they receive, personalisation also entails that services are tailored to the needs of every individual, rather than delivered in a one-size-fits-all fashion. It also encompasses the provision of improved information and advice on care and support for families, investment in preventive services to reduce or delay people's need for care and the promotion of independence and self-reliance among individuals and communities. As such, personalisation has significant implications for everyone involved in the social care sector. Personalisation and service users and carers The key test of personalisation's success is the extent to which it improves the lives of service users and their carers. There is evidence that this is taking place as a result of personal budgets but also concerns that a number of groups - people with dementia, those with other mental health problems and those who lack mental capacity - are not yet benefiting from this approach. Service users and carers also complain of poor-quality information and advice on social care, an issue that particularly affects self-funders. ] (More)
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