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Q: what are the characteristics of metacognitive approach
A: Metacognitive strategies positively impact students who have learning problems because they provide these students an efficient way to acquire, store, and express information and skills (Mercer & Mercer, 1993). [ For many students who have learning problems, their inability to efficiently retrieve information previously stored in memory negatively impacts their ability to accurately express what
they know. Well developed metacognitive strategies aide such information retrieval for these students. As you have learned in the section entitled "Math Learning Problems," students who have learning problems tend to be passive learners. While the reasons for this learning characteristic may differ based on students’ individual learning problems (e.g. memory problems, cognitive processing difficulties, learned helplessness), effective metacognitive strategies can be of substantial benefit to students who have a variety of learning problems. The key to the success of metacognitive strategies is that when they are taught appropriately, they assist learners who are dependent on high levels of teacher support to become independent learners. When students have been directly taught the strategy, the strategy’s purpose, how to use the strategy, and are provided opportunities to practice using the strategy, these students posses a powerful learning tool that builds learning independence. Confronted with a problem-solving situation, these students can now implement the appropriate metacognitive strategy when they have difficulty remembering how to solve a particular problem. Therefore, instead of relying on the teacher for assistance, they can independently help themselves. This can be a tremendously invigorating feeling for students (and teachers)! read more here.. ]
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Asked 9/25/2013 1:59:11 AM
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