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Generate a list of narrative essay components. Write a one to two sentences description of each component.
Components of a Narrative Essay: 1. Theme -The essay focuses on one narrow theme or central idea. [ The success of the essay depends on the ability of the writer to present an idea in a complete and condensed form. 2.Arc -It is important for there to be a transformation within a narrative essay, not simply a description of something. It often consists of a personal experience, in which there is
a change in viewpoint. 3. Opinion -The narrative essay differs from historical writing or newspaper reporting in that it isn't designed to be objective. In newspapers, narrative essays or editorials are kept separate from straight news because they contain more than just facts. 4. Entertainment -It is useful for the body of the essay to begin with an arresting idea or statement to grab the reader's attention and then add different elements such as quotes, personal experiences or statistics to keep the reader moving from paragraph to paragraph. ]
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Asked 10/18/2013 4:33:52 PM
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