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Q: identify potential barriers to personalisation
A: A report has been published into a person centred approach to reablement and the implications for support planning. [ The report is called the 'New Reablement Journey' and there is also a Checklist available for download. New Reablement Journey Implementing the New Reablement Journey Checklist Skills for Care Skills for Care is working with partners including local authorities to offer
sessions to help providers develop a personalisation action plan. Not all local authority areas are covered. For more information go to the Skills for Care website A Vision for Adult Social Care: Capable Communities and Active Citizens The publication of A Vision for Adult Social Care was accompanied by a range of documents in support of some of the aims continued within the Vision. Some of them directly related to Personalisation and links to them can be found below. Enabling risk, ensuring safety: self-directed support and personal budgets - the report explores what research is beginning to say about overcoming some of the barriers to personalisation and how individuals and organisations are approaching the barriers in practice. Practical Approaches to safeguarding and personalisation - sets out how personalisation of support and more effective safeguarding can be mmutually suportive. Practical Approaches to improving the lives of disabled and older people through building stronger communities - this briefing puts the Building Community Capacity to Put People First project into the context of the personalisation agenda. Think Local, Act Personal: Next Steps for Transforming Adult Social Care - a proposed sector-wide commitment to moving forward with personalistion and community-based support. This paper outlines the proposed agreement which has been endorsed by a range of organisations and public bodeies across the adult social care sector. ]
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Asked 9/20/2013 4:35:52 AM
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