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Q: you are responsible for pricing a new service at an outpatient surgery center. How do you determine what you will charge?
A: When determining the price for a new outpatient surgery center a survey of sample facilities providing the same or similar services with the most recent cost data should be performed and information collected. [ [ An assessment and review of the services the organization provides at the outpatient surgery center is the first step. Evaluating the prospective services for cost and ascertaining a
profit margin for the other services, and comparing the services to what is already in place is the next step. In assigning the cost a comparison for prices to see what type of revenue will be generated from the service is important. Estimation of the increase in revenue expectation over six months to a year, or will it cause debt from opening a new service and hiring the staff to fill that service for the center. An estimate of the level of resources needed by assembling a panel of experts such as nurse practitioners, doctors, hospital administrators, or contractors, for consultation is recommended as well. A study of technological advances that would enhance the quality of care, productive growth, and inflation is beneficial for long term growth consideration. The surgery center would also need to consult a government and insurance representatives to determine if the new service will be covered under their insurance plans. The difference of pricing this outpatient service at the center verses the pricing for a physical is the comparable pricing of other clinics for the same service. The service may require more than a physical or more supplies to be used. Some outpatient procedures could be minima such as an ace bandage for a sprained ankle, or something that requires extensive examination including laboratory or radiological testing. Supplies and support personnel costs play a major role in making adjustments for cost and how much would be needed to keep the new service functional. The typical procedures will cost more in a hospital setting compared to a clinic or physicians office. ]
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Asked 9/11/2013 3:33:43 PM
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