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Q: outline the procedures to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur
A: This Code of Practice outlines the procedures to be followed. These general procedures should, when necessary, be supplemented by Local Rules. 1. The first person on the scene should make the environment safe and assess the nature of the problem. 2. [ The nearest first aider should be called to assist. The names of building first aiders can be found on the posters around buildings or in the rear
of the internal telephone directory. 3. If an ambulance is required ? on the Cottingham Road Site, call Reception/Security Report Centre on 5555 ? on all other sites call 999, ask for the ambulance service and state a) that an ambulance is required b) the precise location of the incident c) the number of injured and the extent of their injuries (if known). 4. Further duties to be delegated if others are present include a) ensuring the ambulance is met on arrival and that it is directed immediately to the scene of the incident b) rendering assistance to first aiders as necessary c) determining whether any further assistance is required and if so, arranging for the relevant personnel to be directed to the scene. 5. If an ambulance is not required, but the casualty needs further treatment either at the hospital or GP surgery or simply needs to go home to rest, and the transportation is to take place by car, the driver should ensure a) that this course of action is in the best interests of the casualty. b) that he/she is accompanied by someone to look after the casualty during the journey. c) that his/her vehicle is insured for business use. 6. As soon as possible after the occurrence of the accident a thorough investigation should be carried out by the responsible person , and a university Accident Report Form completed. This should be forwarded to Safety Services. A copy should be retained for the departmental record. If the injury is major, as defined in the front of the Accident Report file, the Director of University Health and Safety Services should also be informed immediately by telephone. Read more at: ]
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Asked 10/18/2013 1:40:17 AM
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